Multi-data Stream Graphs 6 Hour Maximum

With the recent update to the web platform, I’ve encountered a rather unusual bug on the web dashboard: line-chart widgets displaying multiple data streams are now only able to display the past 6 hours worth of data.

In my case, I am displaying road temperature and dew point overlaid on a single line chart.

  • If hourly is chosen, it displays correctly.
  • If day is chosen, it will not display any data except for the most recent measurement on the far right side of the graph.
  • If a custom date of any length is entered, it will display the last 6 hours regardless of if multiple days were requested.

Also, all data recorded from before the update is completely gone. Is there any way to recover this information? Thank you for the help, it is important that this functionality be restored as the comparison of the two measurements I listed above guide $50,000 decisions daily during the winter months.

Please send me your email associated with that account via PM so we can look into your dashboard, and find the issue. Thanks!

Something similar happens to me. Despite having to have records of several months, since the last update only data of the last hours appear. It happens with all the graphics that I have in the dashboard.

Next I put an example capture, where I should show data from the last week and where you can see that the first record is less than 24 hours ago.

@adolfomartinezvigo we ar aware of this issue and team is working on it.

@adolfomartinezvigo can you confirm if this has been resolved? I pushed a fix earlier today.

The multi-data stream display issue has not yet been fixed. However, the historical data is now available again. Thank you.

Yes, the multi-data hotfix is ready, but it hasn’t been released yet. We most likely deploy it tomorrow morning (PST) with some other fixes.


I confirm its ok.


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