No Data from Dragino LWL02

i set up a Dragino LWL02 on Cayenne Dashbaord and i don’t even get RSSI.

The funny thing: Another Dragino which is nearly the same, the Dargino LDS02 works perfect.

Can i somehow debug this?


can you share your DevEUI.

Any News?

there is no data received from the deveui. check if you added the cayenne integration in NS.

Hi Guys,
i have the same problem with the dragino lwl02 water leackage sensor.
Webhook in thethingsnetwork done like with all my other lht65 devices.
i can see data in TTN console
I added payload decoder like i did with the lht65 which works fine

but no way to get any data from the lwl02.

my testdevice: A84041786182C187


can you share a screenshot of the device dashboard.


Hi to all, any updates reading the LWL02 leak sensor integration on Cayenne via Helium? The integration of sensors like LHT65 or LDD75S from Dragino are working fine, also the motion sensor from Browan PIR-1. The integration of the LWL02 on datacake is ok. My questions to the experts are: Have someone a custom decode example for the helium console available? Or any other ideas? Many thanks in advance :grinning:
PS: I’m beginner … :slight_smile:

Any updates from the Cayenne Team reading the technical integration? VG

no :frowning:

Added an updated version for LWL02.
You will need to remove the current device and add the new device by selecting Dragino LWL02 LoRaWAN Water Leak Sensor V1.0 from the device list.
Please test the new device and let me know

I had the same issue with my LWL02 using v1.0 from the device list.
It only shows location but not any other information.
Devices is A84041C21184A713

i can see following data in the logs for A84041C21184A713 so it should show it in the dashboard:-

{"value":0,"name":"Water Leak"},
{"value":17,"name":"Water Leak Times"}

Thanks, it is working now. :slight_smile:
Not sure if you changed anything but I see all the data this morning