Release Notes 03/31/2016

Release Notes March 31, 2016

Agent version

Fixes / Enhancements

  • Fix issue where RAM is constantly increasing

  • Enhancements to history graph

  • ‘Submit project’ button added to dashboard

  • New Cayenne installer text

Release Notes March 03, 2016

Agent version

New! Scheduling

Fixes / Enhancements

  • Historical data display fixes

  • Fix when adding a servo widget to the dashboard

  • Allow user to choose units of measurement

  • Fixes to triggers and alerts failing

  • Ability to set min and max value range for the slider

  • Fix where old widgets are displayed on dashboard after a clean install

  • Fix issue where user session will get terminated and logged out

  • Added ‘invert logic’ checkbox to the Light widget

  • Fixed issue where RAM perpetually increases

  • Fix issue where logs fill up storage space