New Taps?


HI, is it Possible to edit the Taps?
( The place where Overview, Scheduling, Triggers & Alerts, Tracking stands)
Delete, Add, rename etc.?


Hi @B.kleinmanns, welcome to the Cayenne community.

Editing the tabs that you’re discussing isn’t possible in our current design. You can edit the Project tabs that appear in the black bar on top of the web dashboard currently however.

Can I ask what you have in mind if we had this sort of functionality? Do you want to just hide tabs you may not be using like Tracking on a non-GPS project? Were you hoping to make custom tabs of some sort?


For me things like GPS Tracking etc. are useless.

I plan an aquarium controll.
I like it when i have Tabs for diffent funktions like:
Overview, LED Settings, Setupvalues etc.


There was some talk about having custom image map dashboards, but it is probably low on the priority list.