Release Notes March 23, 2017

Release Notes March 23, 2017

Web Dashboard Update

Today’s update includes a ton of bug fixes and improvements, with an focus on GPS/Asset Tracking and Project Views.


  • Projects view is back! You should be able to see your old projects on all platforms as well as save and manipulate new projects once again.
  • Triggers and Alerts are now accessible from within the Projects view
  • Improved display of data history when dragging device into project tracking tabs
  • Project Tracking tab and Overview tabs are now independent, so you can track many devices without cluttering the overview screen with each of them.
  • Trigger creation page now has Save/Cancel buttons when accessed from within Project view
  • Fixed a bug where dulplicate devices could be added to a project view


  • Arduino devices added via iOS app now show specific name (“Uno”, “Mega”), not just “Arduino”.
  • Pending Arduinos can now be removed through iOS app


  • Fixed an issue where LoRa widgets could show stale data on browser refresh
  • Non-GPS LoRa devices now get a map widget in projects view
  • Fixed several bugs relating to LoRa widgets not displaying correctly

GPS/Asset Tracking

  • Improved first experience when adding LoRa devices with GPS to Cayenne accounts
  • Devices can now be removed from tracking tab with settings option
  • Added spinner to tracking tab so there is a visual indication of data load time
  • Improved behavior when user drags an already-existing device onto tracking tab.
  • Improved display of tracking tab when no devices are present
  • Fixed an issue where LoRa devices could show multiple GPS points as the most recent
  • The Tracking map on Project Views now updates in realtime and no longer requires browser refresh
  • Map widgets no longer place device at coordinates 0,0 when not receiving proper GPS data
  • Resolved an issue where GPS pins could appear in different map locations depending on zoom level
  • Improved accuracy of GPS data points
  • Fixed GPS drift issues with GlobalSat devices
  • GPS devices now show specific address instead of generic city label on Google map
  • Added instructional information to project tracking tab
  • Fixed an issue where tracking tab could show all historical points for a device rather than just the most current location
  • Improved dashboard performance when many map points are present
  • GPS slider can no longer be moved to a time that is in the future
  • Resolved an issue where the Tracking map could break when a map widget was deleted from the project
  • GPS widgets are now hidden as an Alerts & Triggers option
  • Changing zoom level on the map no longer resets time frame
  • Fixed a bug where viewing GPS map on a date with no data could lock map navigation
  • Tracking map now uses same filtering behavior as other maps
  • Additional tracking tab UI fixes
  • Additional map widget UI bugfixes


  • Server updates to improve performance of Cayenne API
  • Fixed typos in web UI


  • This update introduced one new bug - issues adding the Servo widget. We’ll resolve this in the next release.