New to Cayenne-triggers-iPhone

Hi all, I am controlling my boiler with a NodeMCU 12-E and a 4 relay board. Another NodeMCU and relay board senses house thermostat. My web dashboard is working and controls the system.

Problems I am having:

  1. The app crashes when I change widget settings. The actuator widgets are inaccurate often and do not work.

  2. The triggers are not firing as expected. “Sensor above” and “sensor below” are difficult to understand. My trigger “House thermostat: Set (Boiler Out > 180)” is supposed to simulate the house thermostat turning on if the boiler is over 180. It has never run, even though the temperature has been over 180.

  3. I am notified that the board has disconnected every day. I’m not sure whether it was my internet connection. This morning I had to reset my router. But, later it disconnected but never told me that it reconnected.

i have taken note of this issue.

i was not able to reproduce this at my end. the actuator works fine. If you will any issue try restarting th app, wait for the device on the device list to be highlighted, then open and use it.

it seems you have multiple triggers for the same case. Also, you are sending data too much, creating trigger flood. Have a look at this code and change your code accordingly so that data is sent only once when the trigger limit is crossed.

i guess you have hit SMS limit for your device.

if you are changing the code, then I would suggest you create a new device and add new trigger (delete all the old ones)