No Data is available on the Cayenne dashboard except for 1 day


I installed several Elsys ERS CO2 sensors in 2021. I was able to access the data and go backwards in date. Recently I noticed that I can only access and download data for a day before and not even for the last 2 days !!!

I had the sensors checked on the 28th of February and made sure they were recording.

Checking the dashboard today shows data for yesterday only.

I’m a researcher and doing a study on long monitoring for distributed sensors.

Please, I need someone to respond to me ASAP. I did post a question on the community last week, but no one answered.

Is the data for those sensors kept on the dashboard for 1 day?

Same problem here…

Someone please tell us what is happening, Update?? Fix??

Thanks! TerryKing

same here, when i tried to download the last 1-month data, it said error 404 even though the data is shown on the data history tab.