No data on Line Chart, RT or Historical

Reviewed the similar topics but didn’t see this problem. Dashboard has been up and running for several days and temperatures report on Value widgets and used to report reliably on Line Chart widgets. In the last 3 hours, Line Chart widgets have ceased displaying RT or Historical data. Value data is updating normally.

Same - no charts anywhere today

Also noted recently that some charts in android app dont show correct time frame (ie many hours old on the DAY option, where the HOUR option is current)

You might wanna check this post: Data types for Cayenne MQTT API

For the first 8-24 hours I was sending data to Cayenne I was getting realtime updates and the widgets were displaying correctly… Sometime after that time frame all but the relay indicators stopped working.

After applying the information in this post everything is working as expected and the data updates as expected… HTH!

Thanks for the link but there was another issue today thats now resolved - will update my code to see if that fixes the delays on some graphs issues

@dlcarlyle can you check now and let me know whether the problem is still there.

@tim2 for day option you will have data for the last 24 hours from the latest data send and similarly for the hour option you will have data for the last 60 minutes from the latest data send.

@MBfromOK you are absolutely right, you need to use the correct data type while publishing data. without the data types, the charts won’t populate any data.

@tim2 what do you mean by delay here?

By delay I mean if i view HOUR graph it shows last hour correctly from current time, if i view DAY graphs it shows 24 hours of data BUT that is offset by 6-12 (or more!) hours. As an example currently 1:30pm here, MINUTE graph correct, HOUR graph correct, DAY graph still showing approx10pm yesterdays data, WEEK graph correct. Its very weird!

can you PM me your email id.