Triggers and Limits

Would someone be able to tell us exactly what are the trigger limits and time periods? 90, 300, daily?? We can not seem to find any documentation on this? Also we have lost our triggers, some say " Trigger ran successfully" but we see no SMS and no emails. We had great success early on, but emails and sms have stopped. We do see good data on the dashboard, but without triggers it is useless. Thank you.

Thank you. Is that 90 total so for each SMS and email? Also this is per device or sensor? We are currently receive now SMS but no emails (we have tried several email address). When we use a difference sensor on the same device we can get emails??? Help.

it is 90 per device. Can you try deleting the current trigger, add a fresh and let me know.

Thank you. Did what you said. Now all triggers not working. no SMS no email. it shows Ran 3 times, but no successful runs?? I see good data coming in on the actuator zero/one, but no trigger.

Now SMS works, but no email.

is it gmail you are using?

yes, gmail. Problem?

then it should not.
can you private message me your cayenne account id.