Triggers and Limits

Would someone be able to tell us exactly what are the trigger limits and time periods? 90, 300, daily?? We can not seem to find any documentation on this? Also we have lost our triggers, some say " Trigger ran successfully" but we see no SMS and no emails. We had great success early on, but emails and sms have stopped. We do see good data on the dashboard, but without triggers it is useless. Thank you.

Thank you. Is that 90 total so for each SMS and email? Also this is per device or sensor? We are currently receive now SMS but no emails (we have tried several email address). When we use a difference sensor on the same device we can get emails??? Help.

it is 90 per device. Can you try deleting the current trigger, add a fresh and let me know.

Thank you. Did what you said. Now all triggers not working. no SMS no email. it shows Ran 3 times, but no successful runs?? I see good data coming in on the actuator zero/one, but no trigger.

Now SMS works, but no email.

is it gmail you are using?

yes, gmail. Problem?

then it should not.
can you private message me your cayenne account id.

I have the same problem.
Trigger ran successfully.
No Email

Thanks you for your great help. It is great that notification trigger (SMS and email) are currently limited to 90 per day. It means that I will get 90 notification email before notification trigger number above 90. However, I didn’t get any notification email. Would you have any other suggestions since I am a new user? Thanks

can you check what is the trigger counter value.

Dear Shramik salgaonkar,
Attached is the record. The trigger counter value is 259 (Ran 259 times).

One year ago, my friend set up everything and trigger work well.
Now I want to use ESP8266 to monitor the temperature of refrigerator.

Again, the temperature is shown on online dashboard.

However, As I mentioned that I didn’t received notification email.

It is different from previous trigger.

Shramik salgaonkar via myDevices Cayenne Community <> 於 2020年10月22日 週四 下午8:13寫道:

(Attachment For Triggers 3C.docx is missing)

Real time data is strange.
The time seems not correct.

kenny kenny <> 於 2020年10月22日 週四 下午10:30寫道:

kenny kenny <> 於 2020年10月22日 週四 下午10:58寫道:

this might have caused the trigger limit, can you try a different email for the trigger. Better add a new trigger.

if there is no data for that period then it shows like this. You can click on the live and if there is data, it shows the correct date and time.

last 10 minutes -->0k

real time data --> no data

( why does it show data for the last 10 minutes?)
It means that there is data.

Do I explain the question well to let you understand?

Shramik salgaonkar via myDevices Cayenne Community <> 於 2020年10月22日 週四 下午8:13寫道:


I tried a new trigger and Email, and I got an Email notification .
It is great.
however, the new trigger with the previous Email can’t send notification.

After I change to the new Email, the trigger works well.
Do you know why?

Shramik salgaonkar via myDevices Cayenne Community <> 於 2020年10月22日 週四 下午8:13寫道:

it have may blocked the notification due to email floods. So that it does not happen to this email please make changes to your code with Sending MQTT messages within notification limit