Node-Red Chart Widget problem

Can anyone help?
I have got Node-Red connected to Cayenne and can see the temperature values being updated in a Value widget on Channel 1 via MQTT.
However, if I rather send the same data to a Chart Widget on Channel 2 say, the graph is not updated and just displays “No data available for this period”.
I am using the following:
Topic: v1/XXX/things/XXX/data/2
Payload: temp,c=20.5

What am I missing?
Is there a different data format required for chart data?

Hi @alport,

I think, right now, it is a common problem that you are having. I advice you to keep sending for a certain period like an hour as the chart widget might require some data to fill the chart and then show it to you. Right now, it is not good at showing live data.