Noob question - RPi and Unicorn hat



I’ve just discovered Cayenne and have set it up on one of my Pi Zeros.

Currently, the Pi is set up to take a time-lapse picture every three hours and also has a Unicorn hat that acts as a mood light.

If I set up a python script called, for example, which tuned all the LEDs to red and I wanted this to happen at a specific time each day - how would I do that?

…I ask this as I can’t see the Unicorn hat as a device so I’m wondering if I have to trigger a script?..or can I control it from the GPIOs?

I also have a temp/humidity sensor that I haven’t fitted yet - If I can get the above to work, I’d like to change the Unicorn hat display depending on the temp/humidity (so, ‘too hot’ = ‘red’ etc).


For running the script you can use the crontab options that let you run your script anytime you want :slight_smile:


What temp/humidity sensor are you using?


I can run Cron no problem, I was wondering if Cayenne can do it?


I’ve got an Adafruit HTU21D-F - I’m assuming that this will show up as a device within Cayenne so I can set it do trigger events etc.

Basically, I’m wondering what I can do with Cayenne and whether it’s in anyway useful to me?