Rapsberry with PIR motion


Just wanted to share my first impression & project using Cayenne to manage my Raspberry PI.
I created a small project, just with one PIR motion sensor, to see how Cayenne is working and knowing one big interest for me is the alert & trigger, that is natively supported by the Cayenne platform.
In this example, i trigger an alert over SMS if a motion is detected at home!

Also an alert when my PI is not reachable is in my interest.

Creating this project with Cayenne just took me few minutes, the platform takes care to install all what is needed in your PI. Then adding a new sensor is done with few clicks & without the need to be technical.
Finally to see & manage your sensors is so easy, just drag & drop of widgets…

See here a photo of my PI with the PIR sensor:

Next step is to continue this project to add more sensors, like temperature, light,…

Hope this post will provide an interest to someone :slightly_smiling:


Welcome Seb!
Nice project!
PIR’s are on my list of things to pick up and integrate into some of my RPi’s.

I’m curious, what are you running Cayenne on? Mac, iPhone, Windows, Raspian, Android (oops, not this one, sorry @bestes :grin:)

Looking forward to seeing your expanding project-



Hey Ian,
I am using windows (chrome browser) and iphone.



Im also on win10/chrome. Things seem to work well on that combination. No support for my phone yet, but I know the Cayenne crew is working hard to get me caught up with the iOS folks.

Thanks for replying,