Off-Line access to PI?


Is it possible to access my PI Off-Line rather than go via the portal ?



If you are using one of the mobile apps they can interact locally if both devices are on the same network, however, triggers, schedules, or anything that comes from the cloud servers will not work.


Ok thanks, Any plans to make a PI server to enable ‘off line’ operation i.e. no internet access. Obviously that would have to be managed from within that network


It’s on the road map, hard to say when it will be released.


Thanks Adam, One thing I wish for now is to be able to download full temperature data, for a day,week what ever with full resolution. Not as it is now, a ‘day’ downloads only 24 data points max.



I believe there are some big graph changes being worked on right now. @rsiegel is that right?


I never answered this question, apologies.

We do have a new line chart widget in the works, the big improvement is that it allows for much smoother panning and zooming and custom ranges rather than the somewhat limiting hour/month/day tab views we currently have. If I could compare it to something in terms of feel, it would be the stock charts at Google Finance like this.

@beckettplace, if you’re still interested in grabbing this data, let me know – while its not accessible through the current UI, I should be able to help construct URLs to extract the full amount of data from our system as .csv. We’re also working on a new ‘data’ tab that will allow better access to and extraction of data than our current system allows: