Old internet box

Hello all !

I find on my bazaar, one old internet box, all time i make strange think with, cayenne, raspberry, electricity and now i have this box. I look on internet but i don’t find nothing good to do with my box…

Somebody have some idea ?

Thank’s all !

What is this box ? It is router or switch? You want to use only the enclosure or the functionalities of this “box” ? Can you please post pictures and give us more information about what you have :slight_smile:

It’s some think like this : index

It’s for have internet, i don’t know how to translate in english ^^ i think it’s routeur

I want to do something cool with, at first I thought open and put raspberry on with little screen but after reflexion i think we can do something more fun, at least i hope ! I look little on internet and i d’ont find wonderful thing, i just know it work with linux, and know i use like 2nd router but is not verry interresting experience !

So i hope you understand my english ^^

But u want to get rid of the things inside and use it like an enclosure for your project or do you want to use its internet connection?

Sorry i didn’t understand question, so i don’t know, i have one for internet and i have this more, so it work, and i want use it like this.

I f i can’t do nothing with i open, i take off al inside and i put my raspberry on. But maybe i can use it for otherthing, like local servor ( this i know do it ), or other… That why i ask, sometime people have verry good idea

I hope you understand i’m french and it’s difficult to explain mi idea in english… ^^

ah i think i understand you, i don’t know if you can make a local server with a router, but i dont know, try to find it in internet.
Btw, having another router in case your existing one fails is always good.

Sorry for the late response. Can you make more detail picture of the device. I will then make a search and tell you the exact features and possibilities that this device can do. Btw what is your location? Where do you post from?

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As @ognqn.chikov said if you can post the model of the router we can get a better idea what the device is and what it’s capable of.

So, it’s this : https://assistance.orange.fr/equipement/livebox-et-modems/livebox-2-zte-sagem
But i don’t know if you understand it’s in french ^^
Some people root it for use with all FAI, some peop^le make media center with, maybe we can do better thing

I don’t understand what you want know…

Isn’t big problem late reponse, i thing you have lot of thing to do, before help me, and it’s normal (:slight_smile:

He wants to know where are u from, I suppose you are french, aren’t you?

Ho, yes i’am ! that why is difficult for me to have good communication wtih you

Thank you for the model. I will give it a look and post later what I discovered and how we can use it or let’s say “UpCycle” it :slight_smile: