Pallet heat treatment chamber (prototype)

About This Project

This is my heat treatment chamber for pallets, used as method of wood sterilization for exported wood packaging.

Heat treatment
In this method of wood sterilization, the wooden crates and wood shipping pallets are heated until they reach a minimum core temperature of 56 °C (132.8 °F) for at least 30 minutes.

For now it is just a school project & sorry about my bad english.

What’s Connected

2 Arduino uno r3
1 Lcd 16x2
1 Ethernet shied WS5100
2 DS18B20 sensors
1 DHT22 sensor
1 850W heat resistor
1 triac 2n6344ag
2 moc 3051
1 pc power supply

Triggers & Alerts

event trigger

Danger alert


Event for start & finish treatment

Dashboard Screenshots

Web interface

IOS app

Graph for certificate of treatment

Photos of the Project



inside box (is not the best wiring…)

Outside chamber view

Blower and humedity sensor

Inside chamber view
sensors placed on wood pallet pieces

Certificate of treatment


What a great project. Nice job!

Hi @garciamartinedgar,

Cool school project, and it’s a great prototype. Thank you for sharing it and posting pictures!

When you have some time, do you think you could also post the code that is running on your Arduino’s? I know there will be some Cayenne community members who would be interested to see it :slight_smile:


for shure! let me post it, i cant post it here due to the confussion of the html code, if some one wants the IDE code just message me… ( sorry about my bad english)

this code is for temperature “on-off” control (whitout hysteresis)
arduino#1, 1 ds18b20, 1 dht22 & 1 lcd

this code is for the “on-off” power supply control & cayenne interface
it has a precharged on-off time when is not an scheduled event.
arduino#2, power supply, ws5100 ethernet shield & 1 ds18b20 (just for cayenne interface)

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Nice project, lots going one there!