Cayenne growbox


Today i add fan with trigger. if temp is +22C fan switch on. If temp is +21C fan switch off. I want to drive floor heating and lights too.If moisture will be available i add this toon and i wait dht22 too and …
For temperature 2x DS18B20. One is inside and other outside.In garage. Maybe next year i bought 7" tft monitor for PI. Next project is big greenhouse. This year and next month. Friday is next month :slight_smile:

Weather Monitoring System

Growbox from outside in garage.


This is was my second dome greenhouse. Picture from inside. Windows drive Arduino. This year maybe Cayenne with Raspberry :slight_smile: if availabe feature for one device multiple trigger. I cant sleep. I wait :smiley:


Hi Seston,

This is SO COOL!

We are integrating Arduino libraries soon! I would love to see this entire operation working with Cayenne…in some months I have confidence that Cayenne will be able to handle it!

Keep us updated with your progress, we love pictures.



By the way, in case you hadn’t seen this:


This is my hobby make life easy. :slight_smile: I take some pictures how my greenhouse working. Next month.



Love it and am jealous of how green it is in general around there. What exactly are you growing? I can see tomatoes and what looks like a type of pepper/capsicum in there. Anything else?


I love the greenhouse design. Do you have plans?



lol. The peppers are just a front… :smirk:

Whoa…I didn’t know I could quote a quote…it’s quote inception!


Quite literally Iterative re-iteration.

I am interested as it’s already starting to feel like winter up here, and it’s been such a wet spring and summer, gardens are a sluggy mess.

Next year I want to build a big greenhouse at my property and control and monitor it remotely to extend the growing season. @seston’s design looks pretty storm proof, so I’d like to know more about it.

BTW, my neighbour has a legal gro-op. He guards it with yippy ankle biters and a coyote chasing donkey. No joke. ugh



Greenhouse plans from