Project enclosure cooling fan


About This Project

I have been tinkering about with the idea of home automation for a number of years i.e smart lighting and heating and more,
so using my pi with cayenne is for me a no brainer, but as we all know with all projects as one problem is resolved another ten pop up.
one problem for me is cramming as many components into a small enclosure generates heat and putting it in a bucket of water was not my best idea, (not recommended)
so with a second hand 12v dc cooling fan my project is now running 10 degrees cooler, happy days and happy electronics.

What’s Connected

raspberry B+
16ch relay board
2nd hand 12v fan
3,3v to 5v conversion board made with 14.7Ohm resister ,2N 3904 transistor and number of scraps and second hand parts

Triggers & Alerts

I added the email notification to see the over all run time of the fan.

Photos of the project

over view of project

the oven

this board has multiple pins for 1 wire DS18B20 and two converters for the relay board


Very cool!

Did you know about the Project Submission contest that’s going on right now? You should enter :slight_smile:



Yes mate was going to drop you a mail about it,
Was unsure whether to post the full unit or brake it down into sections (making it a little easier reading)
@Ian recommend posting each section separate so I will be posting my boiler control next and hopefully I will get chance to post on the other sites later.