Pi Zero and a Pi3 relay and I/O + power supply PC boards for Cayenne

Here’s some beautiful Pi hats I designed- open source!
(2) hats-
1 has a Zero footprint,
1 has a Pi2 or Pi3 footprint-
The power input will accept anything from 7.5 to 28Vdc

The Pi3 hat has (4) 277Vac/16Amp relays, and
(8) ANALOG inputs, connectorized to (2) RJ48 jacks,
with a regulated (+7.5 to +28Vdc input) power supply connectorized to a standard 2mm barrel power connector.

The Zero hat has (2) 125Vac/3Amp form “C” relays,
connectorized to 14 gauge screw type terminals,
and (4) binary inputs connectorized to an RJ48 jack,
with a regulated (+7.5 to +28Vdc input) power supply connectorized to a standard 2mm barrel power connector.

Cad file: http://piwifio.com/Analog_Binary_Pi_Pair.pcb
The CAD file can be viewed and ordered using
http://expresspcb.com CAD software

Here’s a parts/source list:

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Did you name the board Charlette? How do you get inspiration for your board names?

“Charlotte” originally had 8 legs (I/O), and 2 mandibles (relays), and was meant to exist on the web, as a connected device. The only spider that came to mind was Charlottes’ Web. :wink:

“Charlette” was a smaller version of “Charlotte”, a different itteration on the same theme.

After awhile, I’ve made so many designs, I had to give them names
-so that I wouldn’t lose them in my files.
I dislike “numbered” names for devices (i.e. Ademco 4140XMPT2)

The larger of the PC boards was originally called “BAR”-
meaning “Big Ass Relays”,
I designed this PC board to remotely switch
1,500 watt Infrared illuminators for security camera systems,
but the name wasn’t child friendly,
so I renamed it 4X8 (4 relays, 8 analog I/O).

The Panasonic ALE relays are the most powerful PC board mounted relays I could find, -originally designed to switch a microwave oven Cavitron.

If you know of a more powerful relay that can fit on the same footprint- let me know!

I have another design called “Allie”,
because it uses the same Panasonic ALE relays-
These names are just ways to remember a particular design.

That’s quite an elaborate process you got there!

hey- whatchya got?

I got my pcbs back and running.
Haven’t successfully made a Cayenne connection yet-
you have a sketch?