Raspberry Pi Zero W

Received my new Zero W, works great with Cayenne
Few $ more than WeMos D1 but works right out the box
Had few problems with Cayenne running on the ESP8266 boards with the WDT resets.
Will be getting more Zeros W
Lee B


Lee! Thank you for posting this. This is the first sighting of Cayenne working on the Pi Zero W :slight_smile:

I still am trying to get my hands on one.


I got mine from pimoroni, now in stock, 7-10 day delivery to Australia

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I was testing cayenne with Arduino+Ethernet shield connected with usb cable to Pc but the project i am going to build will require Wireless connection.

I’m wondering if i can use Raspberry pi Zero W with Wireless internet connection to set up Cayenne projects with arduino?

Yes no problem deploying Cayenne on the Zero W, I received my second Zero W, both run great .
After testing the ESP8266 I decided to go for the Zero’s , the ESP8266 had a problem resetting the WDT every few seconds, had no problem with other IoT platforms, hope Cayenne will provide support for the ESPs
Good luck !!

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If you want to post your code for the ESP we can see if we can find anything that would cause WDT resets. They are both pretty cheap, so up to you if you want to troubleshoot or not.

Nice Project

This is great.

Hello there, I tried using a raspberry pi zero a few months ago, but never managed to get the processor to run below 100%, did you find a way to do it or does it still runs at 100%?

There is another version that you can try - I have it installed on many Pi Zero’s and the CPU usage is low.
Here is the thread with the details.

Good Luck!


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Great, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Standard installation on Pi zero W , the CPU load varies , usually stays about 10%