Pi Zero Ideas

Thought I had to share this concept that is only in early stages but is my continued focus (obsession ?) on minimalist ‘Pure Pi’ Cayenne as we use them so much around here.

I like the little Power, Volts, Amps + ‘C’ total charge available on these nifty USB power in line dongles. Very nice for checking what is going on…

And turn on the battery box and the 4x NiMH charge up to a ‘sort of’ float voltage and continue to trickle so the system can be ‘recharged’ off the average USB power pack that puts out typically 5.2 volts…

~ Andrew

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Using selected pins bring down just the pins of interest for Power, Data and general purpose GPIO like this… Since it is not likely that you are going to need all 40 of them !

A work in progress still but this is heading towards a picaxe controlling DC power up, then ttyAMA0 serial cmd line login, ssh via serial log off, shut down and DC power off back to uAmp standby for another few minutes or hours. Looks so far like this system should run for over a month or more like this.

But so far it all works nicely esp the uUSB Wifi dongle is neat. It logs things in a treat under latest Jessie. VNC now packaged with Jessie is Great too.

Will post some more adventures soon.

~ Andrew

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That’s awesome! Where did you get the USB power monitor?

Jtron 0.91" 128*32 OLED USB Voltmeter Current Power Capacity Tester
from dx com

Quite cute. It does total charge capacity (mAh etc) if you are really watching energy demand. Also a button flicks the display 180 deg as needed

~ A