Pine64 will ever work with Cayenne


Sice PINE64 is like RaspberryPI a linux compatible device, I wonder if it would be possible to make Cayenne work on a PINE64.


We are talking with PINE64. We definitely plan to get Cayenne working with PINE64. It won’t be limited to PINE64 either, will be BeagleBone, etc. Cayenne will be portable to most any linux based device, as well as non-linux based devices.

Great idea! See you around the forum :slight_smile:



Any news about the PINE64?


I don’t have a PINE64 but this thread has some info about installing MQTT Once isntalled you can use the MQTT API here


I use a Pine64 running Raspbian for BPi as my home automation hub. It’s running Mosquitto, Node-Red, Homebridge, PiVPN and I also have Cayenne running on it.
Below is a screenshot of the Device Overview page.


thank you for sharing @idum_zaes!

If you have some time, do you think you can create a tutorial or how-to about how you did it? I think other would really benefit from it who are trying to do similar.



I installed it a while ago and if I remember correctly, I used the raspberry pi tutorial.
I may be mistaken, but I believe I was able to install it because I’m using a Raspbian image for BananaPi M64 board.


I’ve since switched to Armbian for Pine64 image which I found to be extremely stable and efficient.
However, this image DOES NOT support Cayenne.
You can try and install it, the process will complete successfully and WebIOPi runs but Cayenne is unable to discover the Pine64 without a Raspbian image.

Read below for instructions on running Cayenne on your Pine64 running Raspbian.


Prereqs - Pine64 running a Raspbian image.
I’ve successfully installed it on my Pine64 running Raspbian for BananaPi.

To install Cayenne on your Pine64, first run the following command to update…

        sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

The install process is pretty much automated by Cayenne’s web interface.

1. First you will need to log into

2. Start a New Project and choose Raspberry Pi. You will be asked to run two commands from this wizard...

        sudo bash -v

3. After this completes and the Pine64 restarts, run the following commands...
To Enable start on boot

        sudo update-rc.d webiopi defaults

To Start Cayenne

        sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi start

4. Refresh the Cayenne Web Interface and allow the install to complete. This process will take about 10 minutes.

Once complete, your Pine64 will start sending data to Cayenne and will be displayed in the dashboard.
Note that most features do not work on the Pine64.

Enjoy Cayenne!


Nice! Thanks for posting this.