Please allow the use of exact coordinates for devices that don't move

When adding a new device, if “This device doesn’t move” is selected under “Tracking,” the only option is for a street address, not coordinates. You can put in coordinates in the field but then Cayenne just puts the location at the nearest street, which is not what I need. It would be very helpful to me to be able to use the exact coordinates entered. Why not? Should be easier to do than looking up the nearest street anyway.


currently, we don’t support adding exact coordinates.

Alternatively, TTN allows you to set location coordinates for end devices - can these be passed through to Cayenne somehow if I used the “this device moves” option when adding a new device?


which device are you using?

Radio Bridge Temperature Sensor with External Probe and Radio Bridge Probeless Temperature Sensor

Not possible for this device. The location is hardcoded in the UI.