The Things Network and Dragino Technology Lora Shield not allowed?


I currently have a working Dragino Technology Lora Shield connected to The Things Network (So LoRa WAN). I have added the Cayenne support (Cayenne LPP) and structured the data and it is appearing on TTN. I’m up to adding this device onto Cayenne using the documentation from
Problem: When I am adding a device by selecting LoRa , and then “The Things Network” and then selecting the “Dragino Technology Lora Shield” I see the form to fill in the details. I then add the DevEUI and an address because the device does not move. However when I put the cursor over the “Add Device” button the mouse icon changes to the red circle with a slash through it. To me this indicates either something wrong or the device/network combination is not supported.
Can this be tested/checked to see if this device can be used on Cayenne via the TTN?


you need to select the location from the dropdown which is closet to your location.


What I found is that if I set a location then it wouldn’t accept the settings. Later that day I used another laptop and adjusted the settings so the device moves and that setting was accepted. (Even though I am not using a GPS shield on the Uno). When trying to do the correct thing and put in a fixed and valid address it simply wouldn’t let me accept the settings. It is now working however I think there is something not quite right with the front end settings for this combination of network and physical device and/or browser. (I find the UI impossible to use when using Chrome on an iPad, objects resize incorrectly, button clicks don’t don’t work with the iPad touchscreen, whereas the actual user interface is fine with Chrome on Windows. Just that final click it won’t allow.)
I also noticed that not all devices work with all networks when randomly trying some other devices so that’s why I was wondering if the particular combination of Dragino Shield/TTN has issues.


as i mentioned above you need to select the location from the dropdown. if you add any other location it wont let you add the device.