Possibility to detect offline devices?


Is there any way to create a trigger or a function to show whenever a device is offline, or it doesn´t send data for a long period of time, so we can assume it is faulty, or damaged ? Maybe change the icon color on the map?



Ola @trodrigues, have you trued something like this:

This is just a simple example.

Please let me know how you go, as I am planning to create a simple tutorial about this one too!


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Hello @ebtenorio

Sorry, I missed that option… I usually drag and drop the widgets and not the device…

Anyway, in my case, which is LoRaWAN, it does not seem to work. I set up the trigger while the device was off and got nothing. Then I joined the gateway, sent some data and also nothing (no offline nor online).

Check the picture

It would also be nice to have a different icon color (red for instance) for offline devices…

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I will try to re-create your issue using a NodeMCU and a Wemos D1 Mini, later when I arrive home from office. What exactly is your device? I see “Controlador 1”… What kine of “thing” or device is this one? (Not Arduino I presume)

Oh, sorry. You mentioned LoRaWAN. But, I will try to see if the issue is the same with Arduino-compatible ones.

@trodrigues, Unlike the other device types (Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, MQTT), we are not tracking online/offline state for LoRa devices at this time. So it’s not a surprise to me that your trigger didn’t work, but a bug/oversight that you had the option to create this sort of trigger in the first place.

Until such time as we have a system for tracking this, I’m going to suggest that we hide that option. I do agree it would be a nice thing to have – at least some sort of coloring/visual based on last payload received, so I’ll bring it up with our Product team.

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Thanks for your reply.

Well, yes, hiding this option for now is probably a good idea, I´m looking forward to seeing this feature implemented (including the color codification).


Has this option been implemented for LoRa devices ? I was able to create a trigger, but when my device went offline the trigger did not run.

this wont be implemented for the lora devices.

possibile creare qualcosa noi?! tipo in mqtt con una funzione a tempo? tipo funzione alive?!

i did not understand it.

perche non aiutarmi a scrivere una funzione mqtt che ci indichi quando il dispositivo è online e funzionante?

if your device is offline then how can it tell it is offline??

perfetto questo mi serve, come possiamo fare?!

we cannot do it. thats it.

Well, that´s how I do it:
It is probably not the only way to do it, but it is a way to do.

My devices send data every 15 minutes or so. This has to be implemented on the application side. So, my application expects data packets every 15 minutes. It sweeps the packets and compares the actual time to the timestamp on the packets. If the latest data sent from the device is older than 30 minutes, this device is flagged “to be checked”, it means it has lost the last 2 packets. Could be something temporary or some malfunction.

Hope that helps.


well, Lora devices generally are meant to send data at a large interval of time. so having a check for it whether it is sending or not, is not feasible.