Possibility to detect offline devices?



Is there any way to create a trigger or a function to show whenever a device is offline, or it doesn´t send data for a long period of time, so we can assume it is faulty, or damaged ? Maybe change the icon color on the map?




Ola @trodrigues, have you trued something like this:

This is just a simple example.

Please let me know how you go, as I am planning to create a simple tutorial about this one too!



Hello @ebtenorio

Sorry, I missed that option… I usually drag and drop the widgets and not the device…

Anyway, in my case, which is LoRaWAN, it does not seem to work. I set up the trigger while the device was off and got nothing. Then I joined the gateway, sent some data and also nothing (no offline nor online).

Check the picture

It would also be nice to have a different icon color (red for instance) for offline devices…

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I will try to re-create your issue using a NodeMCU and a Wemos D1 Mini, later when I arrive home from office. What exactly is your device? I see “Controlador 1”… What kine of “thing” or device is this one? (Not Arduino I presume)


Oh, sorry. You mentioned LoRaWAN. But, I will try to see if the issue is the same with Arduino-compatible ones.


@trodrigues, Unlike the other device types (Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, MQTT), we are not tracking online/offline state for LoRa devices at this time. So it’s not a surprise to me that your trigger didn’t work, but a bug/oversight that you had the option to create this sort of trigger in the first place.

Until such time as we have a system for tracking this, I’m going to suggest that we hide that option. I do agree it would be a nice thing to have – at least some sort of coloring/visual based on last payload received, so I’ll bring it up with our Product team.



Thanks for your reply.

Well, yes, hiding this option for now is probably a good idea, I´m looking forward to seeing this feature implemented (including the color codification).