Online/Offline State Trigger

I guess this is a general question, because I couldn’t find it in the documentation.
When setting up a trigger, there is a “State- Online/Offline” selection.
What are the parameters for a sensor to be in one of those states? Can we adjust the parameter?
I assume this is a heartbeat feature. I need to know within 2 hours if a sensor is offline.

The online/offline trigger is for the device, not per sensor.

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this is not for sensor but for the entire device whether it is connected to the internet and online or disconnected and offline.

So this can’t be used for Lora devices. This is meant for RPi and such?
The question comes because it is a selection when creating a trigger. I was thinking that if a sensor had not checked in for a certain amount of time, then it’s state would be switched from Online to Offline, which would be cool.

yes it is only meant for arduino and raspberry pi devices.

but the publish time would be very different for each device. So not suited for lora device

Sure. But if you could set the state Online/Offline to a limit (All my sensors are 30 minutes) then you could set a state change for say 2 hours. That would indicate a sensor offline to trigger an alert that it hadn’t checked in. That’s what I’d like to have.
Thanks for the help!

okay. you mean let the user set the time for offline/online.

For example, I have a sensor that is set to send a value every 30 minutes. If it has missed it’s send for 4-5 times, (2-2 1/2 hrs) it could set a trigger to alert me that that sensor is Offline and investigate.
I am in the Arctic and use sensors for freeze protection. The sensors are in areas that can freeze rather quickly if heating fails. I have sensored many areas to alert me to temperature changes. Alerting me that the sensor was offline would be very useful.


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thank for the suggestion. will look into it.