Offline Detection and Notification

I’m looking for a feature to let me know if any of my devices are offline / unavailable - either due to loss of internet connectivity or loss of a single Device due to power or other reason

currently the system shows that a device is not contactable on the Dashboard or when you try issue a command…

what i would like is “if device looses Dashboard contact for X amount of minutes” then Email …


Its already in there…just look at triggers setup


Ahh Embarrassing … found it thanks :slight_smile:


All good - we are all learning here at the moment!

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Excellent @tim2 ! You been here only a short time- and you are helping others! :slight_smile: We all have to stick together. This is all new stuff!

Hi, I must be missing something because my Triggers/Alerts only show the widgets that I’ve created. I don’t have any status indications such as “device available”, “connection failure” etc. BTW, I’m using an Arduino.

Where is the setting that is referred to above?