Problem connecting my LLP on the dashboard


After resetting a connection for my device connected to The Things Network and Cayenne using LPP, it looks that my device cannot be further recognized. Yesterday and this morning, it was correctly working but now nothing appears on my dashboard. Even the data for the RSSI and SNR are not visible. My device name is/was “VOCSens - 1”. Is it possible to check everything on your side? I think that the problem is coming from a removal of all the data indicators (RSSI, SNR and “pressure”) for a reset.

By the way, everything is correctly working on TTN and the payloads are sent.

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Hi @thwalewyns and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I know we were experiencing some issues with LoRa devices this morning, but it looks like they have just recent been resolved. Do you mind to re-add the device to your Cayenne dashboard to see if your data returns?

Thanks for your help! I just re-add my device, and it is now working. Everything (RSSI, SNR and “Barometer (1)” which is our own developed gas microsensor but currently not available as LPP as a gas sensor) is correctly appearing. Obviously, a few tens of minutes ago, it was not the case :wink:

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Glad to hear this and thank you for the update. Apologies for the short downtime.

Perfect, don’t worry!

By the way, as I mentioned in an other topic (see: About increasing the potential of the Cayenne Low Power Payload (LPP)), do you plan to add a widget for gas sensors (in ppm) in your Cayenne LPP?

It could be of great interest!

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Hey again @thwalewyns, apologies I never answered your last question here. We do have some plans for a gas sensor widget actually, but until that time, you should still be able to send this value in a payload as generic analog data value and see it on your dashboard.

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Hi @rsiegel,
That’s fine! I’m already working with the generic analog data value waiting for a gas sensor widget.
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