What broke my Cayenne LPP integration on November 2nd?



I have had an LPP integration running for months without out any problems… then suddenly on Nov 2nd 2017 all stopped (no temperature, baro pressure and lux reading received since).

My question: Is there some where a Cayenne software changes overview or something like that? Look for clues… where the problem is.

I see my sensor data coming into the the Things Network but from there it never reaches Cayenne.

Suggestions, tips welcome.


@croczey @rsiegel can we do some investigation on this?



FYI - this afternoon I completely removed my integration from The Things Network as well as form Cayenne. Created on The Things Network a completely new integration/application, created on Cayenne a new project. All is now working fine again, but still puzzled what broke the integration on November 2nd (it was running for 4+ months without any hickups).


Hi @email4.einstein, if you let me know the DevEUI for the device in question, I can check in our logs whether we were still receiving and decoding payloads OK in the last month.


DevEUI with problems: 1336260203020800 stopped working on November 2nd. Since yesterday this device does no longer exists.

DevEUI New: 1336260203020801 Added yesterday afternoon, device is working and reporting on Cayenne and working fine.

Peter - Almere, The Netherlands.


Adding reference to corresponding thread on TTN, in case the information there is valuable to people reading this thread.


Is it normal for CayenneLPP not to function as a trigger?


No, Cayenne triggers should work fine for LPP (and all LoRa devices). The only exception I know is Online/Offline triggers – they are available in the UI but shouldn’t be for this device type as we’re not tracking this state for LoRa devices.


It is ultrasonic distance sensor, not illuminance.
It is an easy setting that can not be mistaken, but it does not work.