Problem: Connecting to

Hi guys,
First of all, sory for my english.

I have the same problem than some others with a fresh new (for me) Arduino UNO3 + Arduino Wifi Shield delivered this morning.
→ a non ending list of “Connecting to” messages

I’ve try to find some answers in this forum but nothing seems to work…

  • try a telnet from my desktop (mac osx) with the site : OK → No problem with DNS or closing ports in the router
  • Check the arduino IP address in the internet router : Ok it’s here. The Wifi connection is ok.
  • Ping of my arduino(or Wifi shield iI don’t know!) from my desktop: OK → Ethernet (desktop) ok Wifi(Shield) ok, address ok
  • Change “” to “” (i don’t remember) in CayenneDefines.h : Done → no change except the message : Connecting to (no ending)
  • Change back to “” : Done
  • Insert a delay in the sketch loop part : Done → no change.

The sketch : Minimal
define CAYENNE_PRINT Serial
include <CayenneWiFi.h>

char ssid, password and token

void setup
Cayenne.begin(token, ssid, password)

void loop

that’s all. No compiling error or so.

all I can get is :
(0) Connecting to (my ssid)…
(…) My IP : (my IP address)
(…) Connecting to
(…) Connecting to

As previously said, I’ve just bought the components this week, and download the librarys today as explained in the starting process. I havn’t check the version of the WiFiShield internal code, but I can’t believe the shield is older than 3 years old. (Seems to be a serious French Arduino dealer)

Any ideas ??

Hello and Welcome to the Cayenne community. I think that there is a problem with ports? Is this port open in your network? Can you check this with your network provider?

Hello, thanks for your help.

I’ve just try another telnet from my Mac OSX desktop terminal, on the same network of course.

The result below :
Mac-pro-2:~ xxxx$ telnet 8442
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Connection closed by foreign host.

I think it’s mean that the port 8442 is open. Is that right ?

Yes, I think that the port is ok.

I think it could be a good to try to connect it with the USB Serial script (just as a test) to eliminate the shield/wifi from the equation for a moment. That would verify that from your network there is no issue connecting to our Arduino server (so long as the Mac itself is on the same Wifi as you are trying with the Wifi Shield script)

Hi rsiegel,

I’ve just done the USB serial script test you suggest me.
It work :

  • I’ve seen socat’s notifications in the terminal with “successfully connected…” and “starting data transfert loop…”
  • The Cayenne dashboard appear in Firefox.
  • I’ve recieved a notification email from to confirm the installation of my Arduino.

I have only one access to the internet (the box delivrered by the provider, that I call “Router”) at home :
The Mac is only connected by ethernet, and my other devices by WiFi on this router !

Could this make a difference ?
Could some ports (like : 8442) be available for the Mac by ethernet and NOT for the Wifi shield by wifi ?

In fact, making a successfull ping between the Mac and the Wifi shield, is just testing the wifi connection on the local network. That don’t necessary mean that the wifi device could reach the WAN on the 8442 port.

What do you think ?

Those ISP delivered routers are terrible. What you should do is get your own router that you can control and have as many devices as you want behind it. Plug your PC into thar and have your own wifi, disabling or just ignoring your ISP wifi.



For best results, just pick up the phone and ask the ISP. Also tell them that these ports are for personal use and you want to use them!

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For best results, send them this.




My wifi overseas is fiber service but I think the nodes can’t keep up so slow and the GUI doesn’t allow much in the way of making changes. Anyone know where I can get a fiber optic modem?

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You need some kind of media converter ?Try amazon. ebay. ?

$40 a month for 50mbps fiber in the Philippines and its just horrible. I think my own modem might help some.