Problem with Dashboard

Hey guys,

i’ve installed cayenne on my raspberry. I’m able to control my relays from the iPhone App via Wi-Fi and via the mobile internet. But if i login into the browser dashboard the device is showed as offline and will not react to any signals.

Hi @philipp.kayser, Welcome to the Cayenne Community.

This is a new one for me, I don’t think I’ve ever seen our web dashboard show a device as offline while you can manipulate it OK via the iOS app. My initial instinct is to ask if you could force refresh your browser, or try a different web browser as a sanity check.

If the issue persists, do you mind sharing your account credentials via private message (by clicking on my name on this post) so I can investigate with our development team? We won’t activate any relays, we just want to investigate the difference between the online states between the 2 devices. If so, you can change your password using this form to one you are comfortable sharing. If not, no worries.