Bug Filed on 04-18-2016: No commands ever go through when i'm signed in on the web, and I can't sign in on IOS



What dashboard are you using? (Web, iOS, Android)


What OS? (Jessie, Wheezy)
OSX El Capitan

What Model Pi?

Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!

I can sign in over the web, but then none of my commands sent to a light through the GPIO pins work. I have a light attached to 17, and yet when i click the icon that I set up to control it, nothing changes. Also, no matter what I try, I can’t log into my account using the IOS application. I know my password works because i can sign in here, and I know my email is correct for the same reason. Any suggestions to help fix these problems? If so, thanks.


Hi Benjamin,

Welcome to the Cayenne community.

Hmmm, This is weird, haven’t seen an issue like this pop up in the community yet.

My first thought is there may be something off with wiring on the LED. Maybe check it against this diagram?


Did you download the Cayenne iOS app? I only ask because there is a myDevices app that is different than the Cayenne app, maybe there was some confusion.

Let us know, thanks.





As Benny said, welcome to the community!

I’m curious, what OS are you using on the Raspberry Pi?



On the topic of GPIO connections, thanks for the diagram. I found out the reason that it didn’t work was because I had previously connected the jumper to GPIO 17 instead of GND.

On the topic of IOS, i’ve now downloaded both of them. I’m relatively sure that the first one isn’t right because only my printers show up, and as I mentioned before the one that I believe is right won’t allow me to login, even if my login is correct. I don’t believe its a problem with the login, because creating a new account through that app doesn’t seem to work either. If you have any farther suggestions on this topic they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Ben S.


I’m currently using the newest version of Raspian


Thanks Benjamin,
I’m guessing it is NOT the Lite version of Jessie, because I don’t think you could have gotten as far as you have if it was Lite.



Glad we got the LED working!

So I think the correct app is the one that is only finding your printers. The Cayenne icon should look like the one in this image.

It seems like the issue with the app is that your Pi is not getting discovered using the app discovery technology…it seems like only your printers are getting discovered. We’ve had issues where, for whatever reason, the Pi sometimes cannot get discovered on the network. Could be due to the old Model B+ you are using, or some configuration on the network.

However, once you create your account through the web dashboard and add your Pi, if you log into the same account on the app then the Pi that you’ve add through the web dashboard should appear in the app without the need to actually discover it on the network. Just to be sure, I don’t think it would hurt to uninstall the Cayenne app and then reinstall it and sign into the same account that has the Pi added from the web dashboard.

Does this make sense? Think you can try again and update us on your progress?



Yes, this makes sense. I reinstalled the app and it seems to be working now. Thanks so much for the help!


Woohoo! No problem. See you around,