Project Chicken


I’m looking into this platform to creat a monitoring solution for a Chicken Coop. There are several requirements, some should be easily supported already and others will require some thought.

  1. open/close the coop door based on sunlight and schedule and occupancy
  • open the door in the morning - requires a motor to lift a 2-3lb door.
  • light sensor for daylight and also a schedule to prevent closing the door too early on cloudy days or opening should a headlight our flashlight hit the sensor after hours.
  • occupancy sensor, make sure all the hens are in the coop. This is the tough one as it means each hand needs a sensor on there leg.
  1. temperature - high/low temp in the coop. Potentially setup a trigger to turn on a water heater to avoid freezing their drinking water and/or a heat lamp in the coop and/or a vent fan to cool the room.
  2. sensor to detect activity in the nesting boxes, ideally which hen is in which box at what times.
  3. occupancy - coming and going from the coop - just more fun data which may help understand individual behaviors.
  4. video streaming - multiple cameras inside/outside the coop to check on the birds.
  5. security monitor - motion detection outside the coop to be alerted to unwanted predators. Tied to a trigger for either lighting or potentially a water sprinkler.

Lots of sensors, triggers, actuators, etc…

Any experts that can differentiate what is supported today vs new features and which sensors/actuators would be useful?



Hi Sean
Cool project I’ve made my own Bob hole opener in the past as I keep hens bantams and ducks with no power or wifi down the allotment I would like to see were your project takes you best of luck.
The best advice I can give is KISS.


Love the idea, as projects go… Don’t forget an auto feeder and fresh drinking water…
I will be keeping an eye on this one!


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Hopefully we will hear from @sean_p_cunningham again soon with an update, its been a while since we last heard from him.

In the meantime be sure to let us know what you are doing with Cayenne using Raspberry Pi’s or Arduinos.

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