ncubator for

37-38 degrees Celsius temperature,

when the egg leaves the chick triggered a motion detector and an alert comes in the mail and SMS.

Every two hours, the platform is rotated.

Аnother servomotor opens and closes the hole to adjust the humidity.But the humidity sensor will be installed later.

I think that in the US, such incubators are not necessary, but in Russia, many people have small farms.


I love this project! It looks good on your iPad/Tablet that you have too. Your chicks are very well cared for :slight_smile: It is good to know that the PIR sensor can detect the chicken movement, this is something that I was curious and needed to test.

What servo are you using for your project?

I am working on building a chicken coop from scratch and automating certain functions. Here are some pictures:


Hello, photo servo I will show later.I have tried it before the sound sensor, but it was not stable.

Cool!!! :sunglasses:
nice project

@sin-in-cyn36 Awsome project!

I’m also going to make a incubator later on. Busy with making a automated chicken coop door at the moment. Have you had chickens born in it? What would you say the success rate is?


Yes, I want to try to bring the chicks later.

I want to do a project here,later.If I have free time.

Here, students take care of the wounded birds and breed various rare bird species.


Sorry… have you make the automated chicken coop door please ?
I ask cause I must do the same think :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Of you need any help with cayenne and electronic side I can do it but with design you have check with @sin-in-cyn36

I hust eant to see some pics about design
Thanks a lot anyeay :slight_smile:

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