Remote display


Lately I am playing with several ESP8266 through wifi and even in 2 different geographical locations but with my same user of cayenne.
I have verified that an event (temperature change) that is generated in location 1 can be conditioned to perform an action (shot of a relay) in location 2.
And I have one doubt:
Just as on the screen of my PC or Android I can display the temperature remotely, could you use cayenne to show the temperature of a location sensor1 on a connected display in location 2?


yes this is possible. create a project by clicking on “+” on top of your cayenne dashboard. this will create a empty dashboard where you drag and drop widgets from different devices.


Thanks for your prompt response.
I do not know if I do not know or explain myself.
In the cayenne table at the top if pulse + I get to create new project
The idea is to use a physical and real OLED display (not virtual) where to show the temperature of a DS10B20 probe that is in another physical location different from where the oled display is
It can be done, how could you link the data of one location to show it in the other location?