Project screen when shared is empty

I have a project that works well and displays all the required data.
When I go to Sharing and get a link and go to that link, nothing is displayed. The screen is blank.
Does the project have to be online to show data in the shared link
My project is BoatMonitor
Here is the shared link
Here is the link to the project

Can you PM me your email_id

i can see no widget added in your project dashboard. Add the respective widget from your device by dragging the device onto your project dashboard.

Here is my normal project dashboard screen. It has been populated for at least 3 months. Or do you mean I should populate the shared screen project dashboard, and if so how, as there is no device side column to add from

You need to drag the device from left side bar and drop it on project dashboard. Next this will show a box to add all the widget you want to add.
Select and add them.

Got it, thanks that fixed it.