Quick pic from Maker Faire

Just a quick pic that I should have put up a while ago… We made it to the Maker Faire again this year (same as every year :slight_smile: ). However this year we were helping out at the Battle Boat arena so we were able to get “Maker” badges and get in a little early. Amazing how 15-20 minutes can make all the difference. I knew the microcontroller and 3D printer areas would be overrun soon so I headed there first and was able to talk to a few people before the crowds hit. My first stop (and main interest in the area) was to stop by and say Hi to Benny in the Cayenne booth. It was great to meet him in person and see a little bit of the things that are coming up! I know getting the Arduino support is the big thing coming up right now, but I’m really excited to see all the other things coming after the Arduino. I’m more of a Raspberry Pi fan, but welcome all the Arduino fans to play with Cayenne as well and know that all their interest will hopefully bring more features and more development to the platform :). Anyway, here is a quick pic I took of Benny showing off at the booth! Thanks again Benny!


Thanks for posting this @eric.warner ! It was great seeing you. And also glad I was able to share some of the upcoming Pi features.

See you around,