Cayenne - unknown hardware on Pi Zero W

I can’t get Pi Zero W working, do I have to change /config to support channel 17.

I showed Hardware: Unknown.

Found in Cayenne doc only support old Pi Zero, not Pi Zero W.

Hmm, looks like you got Cayenne installed since there are widgets populating the dashboard. Can you describe what happened to make the Pi appear offline?


it works now. thanks

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Glad to hear it, let us know if you run into future trouble with this device.

I am working a Aquarium as free time project, I found Cayenne is very nice, and has lots of potential, however I see some limit in custom coding that I was able to to do with old Webiopi framework.

With old Webiopi, I am able to turn on and off instantly which application to my Fish Tank Feeder which send 3.3 volt to NPN and turn on the Fish Tank Feeder

GPIO.digitalWrite(17, GPIO.HIGH)
webiopi.sleep(1) // or set to GPIO.LOW

With Cayenne’s Button option I can’t do it, If It goes to HIGH, it will keep at HIGH unless I press again to go LOW (I want to send 3.3v and to LOW instantly). Can you give me some directions?

I am hoping to share my project once everything is complete, however I am in a learning stage.

Features I am research for my Aquarium project:

  1. Turn On Fish Feeder ( I have this working)
  2. Light Relay Module, On/OFF lights based on trigger and time ( in progress, ordering Relay Module from Ebay)
  3. Internal/External Fish Tank Temperature, or use its value to trigger the tank heater (in progress, ordering sensor)
  4. Connect Cayenne to Amazon Alexa
  5. Changing water in the fish tank based on Trigger or Scheduler

Just brainstorming, what about making a trigger in Cayenne so that IF button X == on THEN set button X to off? Seems pretty snappy when I tried it as a test.

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Thank you @rsiegel

your solution works for me.

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use a trigger, as soon as the pin goes high use the trigger to turn it off …