Raspberry zero


Hi All,

sorry to ask this question if already occurred but did someone try to run Cayenne on Raspberry ZERO ?
Thanks in advance


Yep, Cayenne works on the zero :slight_smile:


I currently have it running on 2 Zeroes.



Can anyone USPS me some Zeros to Canada?

I can eTransfer funds.

Getting choice bits up here is a tremendous struggle.




Zeros back in stock at Adafruit. Woot!


Boo. Gone again :frowning: Just not quick enough.


Exactly! They are almost never in stock! I don’t even think it is possible to buy more than one at once. The public has cornered the market! :interrobang:


Pi Zero In stock!

We have restocked a product you asked to be notified about.

Product Back In Stock

Pi Zero Version 1.3

Link: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2885

Due to popular demand, the Pi Zero sells out very quickly so we might be out
of stock when you get to the product page. We do occasionally have packs in
stock even if we do not have individual boards - so check the Pi Zero
category if you’re interested in purchasing a pack:


To learn more about how our stock of Pi Zeroes works, please check out our
blog post here: