Receive downlink from Cayenne without sending an uplink first

Hello everybody, Excuse me english im new, I use a node that have the RN2903a I send and recived data from Oberwise its all correct, but I need to do a sketch than only recibe downlink, for recived the response i need to send data in my sketch.

loraSendData(3, lpp.getBuffer(), 1);
if (strstr(response, "01")) {
  digitalWrite(PIN_LED, LOW);
  digitalWrite(PIN_LED, HIGH);

I need that i recive the contents of “response” without send data to the gateway.
Also I tried to used the comand radio tx 0 and mac pause but I continue dont see the data that I send from oberwise

I apreccied so much you help.

which network server are you using?

I´m use oberwise yeap

are you able to get any downlink payload? the user has to handle the downlink message at the NS. With TTN, we have a downlink URL and token as part of each UplinkMessage, make it for downlink to work out the box.

I am not sure if I understand your question, I can see on the serial monitor the downlink messages of the commands such as mac get adr or the response commands of the mac tx command, in fact when I send from the Yeap module (my provider of lora services) any data for example A0 I can see it in the node, but as long as I send data to the server before, what I want to do is not have to send data to the server so that I can receive downlink.

again excuse my english I usually speak spanish.

sorry but i did not understand you. can you share the serial monitor output of the downlink message.