Strange operation of the platform


Hello community
This week I have problems with the platform, I installed my project about a month ago in my house and it worked perfectly, but this week it stopped working. In the app it appears as if the arduino was not connected to the internet as if it did not recognize it, and in the PC it appears online but when pressing a button it stays loaded and never executes the order.

Do you know if these platforms have had problems or are they in repair? or why should the platform no longer respond with my arduino as if they had no communication or were not linked? This happened suddenly and I have no idea what is due.

I’d appreciate your help


Também estou passando pelo mesmo problema com meu Arduino. Aguardando um retorno, pensei que fosse problema nos meus dispositivos, mas pelo visto não.


There were some MQTT server issues the past couple days. Everything should back back to the way it was by now, can you verify?


Stable since Sunday at Noon Pacific Time, but seems to be falling apart again Monday morning.


Still not working.

This first picture shows the delta of a counter that increments with every 15 second sample. On this minute graph is should increase by 4. The stable working section shows this 4 (with smooth readings on the lower graph), but other times it increases (or decreases) by 10 to 30, which means consecutive updates are in fact 3,4,5 minutes apart. It seems things cease up and then new data is interspersed with data from 5 minutes ago. On the lower graph it shows as these smooth heating/cooling curves become jagged as the sequence of the updates are are all scrambled in time.

When you are watching this on the Cayenne Website, you can see the updates shifting back and forth from reasonably current, to readings that are 5 ? minutes old. And they come in unpredictable bursts.

Times in Mountain timezone.

Mqtt report, from my corner of the web

still not working.
It has the same behavior, stays loading and doesn´t execute


Hi, how are you?
I saw that they reported that there were some problems with MQTT and that the devices should now work correctly again. But it still does not work properly, it’s as if the platform is no longer connected to my device. What can I do to make it work again?
Or are you still working on the platform and that’s why it does not work?
I’d appreciate your help


can you share screenshot of your serial , dashboard and post the code here you are using.


is frozen, since last week that happened. But it had been working well for a month, I do not think it’s the code. Rather, I think it stopped working when there were problems with the MQTT server


The MQTT issues should be resolved now, are you still having these issues?


Yes, thank you very much for the information. Since the problems with MQTT were repaired my device also worked correctly again. Now I’m having problems with the app on my cell phone, from the computer I can control my device well and it works well with the buttons. But from the app in my cell phone when I press a button, the app closes automatically.


did you add your device on the dashboard using Bring Your Own Thing


No, I didn´t that way. I added my device on the dashboard using “add arduino”. Is that the problem?


Does you code use a token or username/password/client ID?


it uses an username, password and client ID


Hmm, I’m not sure then. The token connection is disabled now as far as I know. @shramiksalgaonkar any ideas?


hmm so it is strange. it works well before


@atzayacatlL-13 add custom button widget and give it a try. remove the previous button from the dashboard.


I´ll try it. Thanks


I tried that and it doesn´t work either… I´ll still trying