Libelium Smart Water device


I am using a Smart Water Wasp Mote Plug&Sense from Libelium connecting a LoRawan network. When adding the device from existing device template (Cayenne has few for Libelium), the device is created but I cannot see any sensors.
I had similar procedures for other devices (RisingHF, Adeunis,…) and the sensors where automatically added when devices were added.
Do you know how to solve this issue?

is the device present in the device list?
can you provide a link to the device.


Not exactly with same sensors but similar Libelium smart mote plug&sensr.

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If the device is not there in the device list, then it is not supported by cayenne. You may ask the manufacturer to send this device to cayenne so that we can add and support this device.


Can I setup manually if I know payload format ? And How?

is the payload is in cayenneLPP format?

Not sure. How can I know?

well contacting the manufacture, or looking at the device documentation for the payload format and comparing it with
In short, if the device is not in the supported list then it is probably not cayenneLPP format.


If not same payload format, any solution to do a mapping manually?

No other way.


But as there are plenty on Libelium devices in Cayenne devices catalog. I think the mapping has been done previously. Payload format is same from one Libelium device to another. The difference is the sensors attached to the device which will carry different value depending on sensor type

in cayenneLPP each sensor data type is different. thus resulting in a different payload.

In Cayenne yes but for same manufacturer device, payload is same format. Just the value of each byte in payload has different meaning from one device to another.

what do you mean by different meaning?

I mean that an agriculture device with 4 sensors from Libelium recognized by Cayenne will report on different soil parameters on 29 bytes; anotther Libelium device reporting on water quality will use exactly same payload organization; juts the soil moisture reporting measurement on 4 bytes for agriculture device is replaced by Ph sensor for water quality device still on 4 bytes

so how can the soil moisture be same as PH sensor? thats what i am trying to tell you. the cayenne decoder decodes the received payload from the network server depending on the particular device selected on the cayenne dashboard. Each device has a separate codec which is used to decode the received payload.

Cannot customize? I know the payload format

you need to customize the payload transmitted by the device in cayenneLPP format.


We are going to customize the payload in LPP format in Libelium device them

Thanks again.

Hi Shramik,

I am also using Netvox devices. I am facing issue with 3 devices type that do not let me the choice of configuring to Actility when selecting from new device list. It looks to go directly to TTN that I am not using. The Netvox devices types are following : R602A , R711 and R712?

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