Release Notes July 21, 2017 (Cayenne web update)

Release Notes July 21, 2017

MQTT/Bring Your Own Thing API

  • Fixed an issue where clicking an MQTT/ESP8266 associated actuator widget would not trigger the actual actuator.

  • Resolved issue where MQTT devices could re-add autodetected widgets on dashboard refresh

  • Resolved console errors appearing when viewing the a dashboard with MQTT/ESP8266 devices associated

  • Fixed issue where MQTT/LoRa Sliders could revert to nearest whole number on browser refresh

  • Corrected GitHub Links for ESP8266 libraries


  • Added downlink API for EveryNet network

  • Added downlink API for Objenious network

  • Elsys ERS device now updating humidity & CO2 values properly

Raspberry Pi

  • Bug Fixing in preparation for release of new Raspberry Pi agent software update.

  • Corrected rare issue where Pi widgets would remain after the user selected to remove them from dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where Pi widgets could break on web if added to a Projects view on mobile, then viewed on web.


  • Arduino slider multiplier issue covered in Slider value problem has been fixed.

  • Corrected rare issue where Arduino custom slider widget could show values outside of its defined range


  • Pis added on iOS no longer missing default widgets when viewed on Android

  • Now possible to add LoRa GlobalSat devices from Android app without error.

  • Map widget now correctly displaying data points on Android

Cayenne Cloud API

  • Updated associated API libraries

General Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Fixed web analytics script which got stuck on certain characters preventing login.

  • Fixed some configurations where dashboard widget positioning could be lost on browser refresh

  • Resolved a bug where removing a widget from Project View could cause the widget to remain until browser refresh

  • Data type documentation chart has been improved to correct errors/correctly list supported types

  • Backend changes for platform scalability

  • Added tutorial video for SparkFun ESP8266 Thing Dev Board

Known Issues

  • IF (anything) then MQTT actuator triggers aren’t working at the time of this release

  • MQTT actuators can sometimes lose state on browser refresh

  • LoRa devices added through iOS can have issues when viewed on Android or Web (missing history or GPS points, broken widgets)

  • Sensor information associated with LoRa GPS data points may be different between mobile and web platforms

  • MQTT actuators toggled on Android won’t change state on actual device

  • LoRa widgets won’t be created on Android dashboard unless web is open at same time

  • Some widgets aren’t updating without refresh on Android dashboard

  • MQTT widgets deleted on web will sometimes return on browser refresh

  • Deleting all devices from an account may results in an odd account state where previously added devices show as widgets, instead of the desired ‘add first device’ state. If this happens to you, PM me.


I should add that in order to facilitate the fix for the Arduino slider multiplication issue, we’ve released a small update to the Cayenne Arduino Library. You should be able to see the update in your Arduino IDE by going to Sketch > Include Libraries > Manage Libraries > Updatable.

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We made a hotfix last night to address some of the more major known issues in the above list. I’ve updated it to cross out the items that are now fixed.