Release Notes May 4, 2017 (Web Dashboard Update)

Release Notes May 4, 2017

Web Dashboard Update

Dashboard Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where device icons could be missing when selecting a device to add a Custom Widget to.

  • All 2-state type widgets are now resizable

  • 2-state widget icons now scale properly when the widget is enlarged

  • Any 2-state widget can now be changed to any other type of 2-state widget (like Motion, Proximity and Intrusion)

  • Fixed an issue where motion & proximity widgets could lose their icon an display a numeric value.

  • Icon list is now sorted alphabetically

  • Fixed a bug where Custom Sliders could revert to a previous value setting after changing

MQTT/Bring Your own Thing

  • “View all SDKs on GitHub” link while adding BYOT device now has correct target

  • Confirmation email now sends properly when an MQTT is added as first device to the account.


  • New LoRa Network!: X-TELIA

  • Actility server list has new entires, and now has the ability to enter a custom server name.

  • Corrected LoRa Network naming

  • Resolved a bug where LoRa devices could duplicate in the left sidebar and cause issues with associated projects.


  • Several additional bugfixes for custom sliders

  • Confirmation email now sends properly when an Arduino is added as first device to the account.

Asset Tracking

  • Fixed a bug which caused the map widget to go blank after a resize

  • Fixed an issue where the map widget for non-GPS LoRa device could go blank after changing address in settings.

  • Resolved an issue where a resized map widget could lose its new size on browser refresh


  • Corrected rendering issues with the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Resolved browser errors that could occur when viewing widget settings