Release Notes September 13, 2016 (Android app update)

Release Notes September 13, 2016

Android App Version 1.2.1

  • Raspberry Pi CPU Temperature widget can now be changed to Celsius and Kelvin

  • Fixed an issue where banner placement could block app content

  • Fixed an issue where Remote Access to some raspberry pis would not connect correctly.

  • Additional Bug Fixes

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Woot, Celcius!

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Hi again @HighTech,

As far as mapping the GPIO pins in as provided in Cayenne, I’ll set up my ESP8266 tomorrow following the instructions that have been posted on the forum and see if I can figure out for you. I don’t know off the top of my head as this is something we’ve only unofficially supported thus far.

As far as the 2nd question, I’m not sure – if its a hardware question outside the scope of Cayenne and its not getting answers here, you might want to try on a forum like where there are more users dedicated to the chip.

Would be sad to see you go after all of your time here, I do appreciate the feedback on the platform.

We have MQTT and LoRa in the pipeline (and an API) so at least check back with us, these are the things we’re working on that I mentioned in our previous conversation about private instances of Cayenne.

It would be great to add cpu temperature in the trigger list in order to control on/off the blower mounted on top

This is on our roadmap and we plan to do this soon :slight_smile:


thank you!
by the way, in android app, the cpu temperature is shown only in farenheit

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The widget is indeed a little buggy, you should be able to get it to display in Celsius (or Kelvin) if you go into it’s settings and then choose your value from the dropdown menu. But the graph that displays when you tap on the widget is stuck on Fahrenheit until we fix both of these issues.