Release Notes June 26, 2017 (Android app update - MQTT and LoRa support)

Release Notes June 26, 2017

Android App Version 1.3.1

New Features

  • Added support for MQTT/‘Bring Your Own Thing’ devices. Now you can add, view, and interact with MQTT-connected devices on your mobile device!

  • Added support for LoRa devices. Now you can add, view, and interact with LoRa devices on your mobile device!

  • Expanded list of widget icons already available on iOS and Web is now present on Android

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the app could get stuck in a ‘Error Loading’ loop when launched without an Internet connection.

  • Corrected a bug where Raspberry Pi and Arduino widgets could duplicate in the app.

  • ‘Pin’ menu will now display proper options when adding a custom widget for an Arduino via the Android app.

  • Fixed a bug where Raspberry Pi’s would not show on the Android device list after adding until the list was refreshed.

  • Resolved a bug where confirmation emails were not sending upon first device addition on Android

  • Several bug fixes for the display and performance of custom button widgets on Android

  • Fixed rare issue where app would show ‘Can not remove device’ error when deleting widgets that are ‘unreachable’ on the web dashboard

  • Corrected issues with BMP180 and TMP36/Arduino data display/settings in app

  • Improved TMP102 add process on Android

  • Fixed situation where Arduino devices might incorrectly appear offline on Android

  • Custom gauge widgets should now retain their ‘Data’ type setting after re-viewing settings.

  • Removed unnecessary settings gear icon from Pi Commands widget

  • Custom slider step value can now be set from Android and not just web

  • Removed ‘Beta’ banner from Arduino devices

  • Improved line chart widgets to better match behavior from various updates made on the web dashboard.

  • Default Pi widgets (eg CPU/RAM/Storage) can now be removed if added to a Project view

  • Large improvements to widget population and code refactoring — the app should behave more efficiently

  • Additional crash and bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Alerts & Triggers support for MQTT / LoRa devices in Android app not yet implemented

  • Scheduling support for MQTT / LoRa devices in Android app not yet implemented

  • After adding a custom widget to a MQTT device, attempting to change any of the settings for the widget immediately will cause a ‘server error’ message. This message only appears once, and won’t happen again for that widget. Leaving the device dashboard and re-opening it will cause the error message not to be seen.

  • Wrong icons may be seen on addition of new non-permanent MQTT device widgets. Permanent widgets will not see this issue.

  • Several fields which are optional when adding LoRa devices on web are required on mobile

  • Changing internet connectivity could cause the new LoRa GPS map widgets to stop logging correctly. If you see this on Android, try force closing and re-launching the app.


In case anyone was looking closely at the version number and is curious, we bumped this to version 1.3.2 last night to correct some crash bugs found in the 1.3.1 build. Otherwise these release notes still apply.

If you do see any issues or have suggestions for the Android app moving forward, please post and let us know what you think!

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Does Android ap update automatically ?
Is there a home / sub tag here for history, version, feedback comments etc ?
~ Andrew

The Android app should indeed update automatically so long as you have your Android device set to auto-update apps from the Play Store.

The latest update is 1.3.3, released November 6, 2017. We don’t have a specific tab in the forum for Android release notes specifically, but each of them in this category should at least have the word “Android” in the thread title which should help in finding them. Feel free to make your own thread or comment in these if you have feedback/comments/concerns.