Remote Doorbell with Custom Melody (mp3) through Internet


About This Project

The idea is simple, but the development not so much hehe. By a button on a board connected to Internet, activates the sound of a melody (whose mp3 file you have selected) in another board connected to Internet too (the Doorbell).

What’s Connected

Button on Particle Photon
Speakers on LinkIt ONE

Triggers & Alerts


  1. Set and Generic Sensor Widget for Particle Photon

  1. Flash the code through Cloud IDE

  1. Add a Widget for Generic Actuator on LinkIt ONE

  1. Record your selected melody in a microSD card (and put the microSD on LinkIt ONE of course)

  1. Upload the sketch to LinkIt ONE

  1. Create the Trigger

  1. Test the Connection :wink: and get fun

Photos of the Project

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Getting Started with Particle Photon
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