Remote ssh like weaved? [not yet]

does Cayenne offer remote ssh like weaved? The remote desktop access is great, but many times I want faster & simpler ssh only.


I don’t think there is a SSH tool available through Cayenne… yet.

I’ve been using JuiceSSH on my Android devices with success.


@Ian. thanks. but I already have a ssh client on my phone and desktop. The issue is how do I connect to the RPi without port forwarding and static mapping at that end? Weaved is seamless in this regard.

Add Device > Protocol > Weaved
~ Andrew

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@electronicsguy Yep, not yet.

We considered this, and it’s still in our roadmap, but it’s lower priority compared to other things.


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I too would be interested in this.

Currently I use weaved to find out the external IP so I can use either JuiceSSH or putty for extended periods of time (due to the automatic lockout for weaved).

I love the simplicity of Cayenne for the remote desktop though, rather than using UltraVNC or the like.

But you would still have to do port forwarding on your home router for that to work.

I too would be interested in remote ssh