Remote Access not visible


i am using a raspberry pi2 with web and android. i want to access my pi remotely but the it does not give me an option for “Remote Access”. Can you help?


check the limitation of Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


How do i check that?


by clicking on Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0 or checking the Accouncement highlight on top.


okay Thanks, i did that and it has a limitation for this version. so do i have to buy a pi3 or is there any way to fix it?


it not the raspberry pi hardware version. It is the Raspberry pi agent software which is used for running cayenne on the raspberry pi. You can try a workaround Control Raspberry Pi with Cayenne via Internet connection


i have tried VNC but it does not work on a different wifi network. i’ll try the others and check but is there any other way to access pi on a different wifi network?



@disharahejad Try TeamViewer




I also have the same issue.How u rectified the problem?


remote access is discontinued from cayenne. you can use TeamViewer.