Removing/hiding Commands widget?


Is it possible to hide the default commands widget (restart etc)? If not, is it possible to add another user to the account, but with read access only (i.e. no opportunity to change or initiate anyhting, like an accidental shutdown?)(it’s to enable my dad to do check the temperature reported by some sensors…).

Cheers, Christian

Hi @Christian,

You can remove the default commands widget if you build your project through the Projects area of Cayenne, which allows you to start with a blank custom dashboard. We made a short video on how to start with the Projects area, which you can view here:

If you look closely in that video, you can see in the left sidebar the Commands widget as a subitem of the Raspberry Pi on that account. It can be dragged on and off the dashboard like any other item.


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Excellent, thank you very much, Rob.

Cheers, Christian

Being able to add permissions for users is coming :slight_smile: