Revision History


I think it might be helpful to have a public revision history for both Cayenne on the Pi and the Android version of the app, listing versions, dates, bug fixes, and any feature changes. It might cut back on some of the forum traffic. Along the same lines a road map or at least a bug priority list would help avoid the “is this planned” and “when is this being fixed” type of posts. I know posting that sort of thing is a double edged sword, you don’t want users holding you to a schedule, but if we knew it was in the pipeline it might be helpful.


I’ll bring this up to the team. So, a ‘Living’ Announcement topic thread that would be updated as new bugs / issues are introduced and fixed? Same idea with Road map?


Yeah, and a revision history, something like:

Dashboard Version 1.1 Release Date 3/31/16
Feature Added:
Something or other feature

Bugs Fixed:
Bug Filed on 03-22-2016: Live Graph

Dashboard Version 1.2 Release Date 4/3/16
Feature Added:

Bugs Fixed:
Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: RAM Increases Exponentially

Android Version .09 Release Date 3/31/16
Feature Added:
Something or other feature


I like this a lot. Plus, it let’s the Cayenne Community know that we are actually fixing things and releasing new features :slight_smile:

You’ll see this implemented soon, thank you for this suggestion!



Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I created a sub- category in the announcement specifically for release notes. And will also keep a running release notes list here:


I’m not sure if the page in the link is for public viewing or not as I get “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” when I click on the link.


Yiikes! You’re right…just fixed it. Thank you for letting me know.



Looks good.